Vigrix Turbo 60 capsules

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Vigrix Turbo 60 capsules

In men – Stronger and longer erection – Improved sex-drive – Greater sexual satisfaction – Improved blood circulation – Increased size and hardness of penis – Improved quality of sperm

In women – Higher blood flow to clitoral and vaginal tissues – Higher sensitivity and responsive to sexual stimulation – Higher possibilities of reaching orgasm – Increased frequency of reaching orgasm – Greater sexual satisfaction – Increased sexual desire and clitoral sensation – Decreased vaginal dryness


L-ARGININE L-Arginine is an essential amino acid and one of the building blocks of proteins in the body. Based on hundreds of studies, L-Arginine has become known as a safe and effective prosexual nutrient for men and women. L-Arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) in the human body. In the 1990s, scientists discovered that NO is an essential compound that helps to improve blood circulation and very important to normal sexual function in both men and women. Without arginine there would be no NO, and without NO, men would not be able to have erections. An erection cannot be achieved without the action of nitric oxide on the blood vessels of the penis and its spongy corpus cavernosum. The erectile process is initiated by the nervous system – either through a spinal reflex (when there is direct stimulus to the penis) or by way of nerve signals from the brain. The relevant nerves, when stimulated via either pathway, release nitric oxide from their nerve endings in the penis. Insufficient blood flow is a major cause of incomplete erection in men. L-Arginine has been shown to improve blood flow to the genital area by dilating blood vessels and helping the penis to enlarge to its full capacity, thus increasing the size, hardness, and frequency of erections. L-Arginine has a similar effect in women. Higher blood flow makes clitoral and vaginal tissues more sensitive and responsive to sexual stimulation and helps increase the possibility of reaching orgasm. The studies found that women who took a supplement including L-Arginine experienced greater sexual satisfaction, including heightened desire and clitoral sensation, frequency of intercourse and orgasm, and less vaginal dryness. Both men and women report that L-Arginine seems to increase their libido or desire for sex, and some also report that L-Arginine gives them greater endurance and stronger, more powerful orgasms. Reports also suggest that LArginine supplements can improve fertility in men who have low sperm counts or poor sperm motility (activity). L-Arginine users say they can achieve a prosexual effect by taking it 45 minutes before sex.

Reported benefits of L-Arginine: • Is a precursor of nitric oxide (NO) • Promotes circulation resulting in improved blood flow • Stimulates the release of growth hormone • Improves immune function • Supports male fertility, improving sperm production and motility • Reduces risk of blood clots and stroke • Supports normal blood pressure

GINGKO BILOBA Ginkgo Biloba is used in many cultures to increase sexual energy and stamina. There are three main effects of Ginkgo on the human body, which are beneficial for sexual health: – It blocks many of the effects of platelet activating factor PAF (blood clots) which is a common cause for erectile dysfunction and impotence. Erectile dysfunctions are often caused by constrictions of the blood vessels, or blood clotting. The combination of blood thinning properties makes Ginkgo Biloba an essential ingredient of every malepotency formulas. – Its antioxidant strength protects the cells against oxidative cell damage caused by free radicals. Free radical damage and oxidative stress are pathological processes that underlie most chronic degenerative diseases. They are also largely responsible for the erectile dysfunction associated with these conditions and impotence. – It increases blood flow not only in the veins and arteries, but also in the microcirculatory system; which includes miniscule capillaries. Ginkgo improves the functionality of micro-capillaries and maximizes the amount of blood consecrated to erection. An increase in blood flow to and retention in the penis is a way of achieving larger size and more rigid erections.

PANAX GINSENG (KOREAN GINSENG) Panax ginseng is one of the worlds most famous aphrodisiac herbs which increases testosterone levels and formation of sperm, improves nitric oxide secretion, boosts blood flow to the penis and acts as a mind tonic, fighting stress and anxiety, while at the same time improving mood. The botanical/genus name Panax means “all-heal” in Greek, sharing the same origin as “panacea,” and was applied to this genus because of its wide use in Chinese medicine. Testosterone is the male hormone. It is responsible for men’s manly characterstics. In men, testosterone is the principle hormone that is not only responsible for sexual behaviour, activity and characteristics, but also for a lot of other health factors in males like lean muscle mass, sharp memory, mental alertness, bone density, energy levels etc. It is secreted in the testes and is the main hormone behind men’s sexual libido. It is established by clinical and scientific studies that men generally start losing testosterone after the age of 30 and by the time you are 40 you start feeling the effects of low testosterone. Since male personality is highly influenced by the production of testosterone, a decline in it’s production leads to some serious health ramifications. The most common symptoms include – low libido – weight gain – loss of muscle – hair loss – irritability – lack of energy and youthfulness It is reported that Panax ginseng supplementation caused significant increase in blood testosterone level and sperm formation, and significant reduction in prostate weight. An erection cannot be achieved without the action of nitric oxide on the blood vessels of the penis and its spongy corpus cavernosum. Ginsenosides, the active ingredients extracted from Panax ginseng, have been shown to promote and enhance nitric oxide (NO) release. In a study by Friedl et al he investigated the effect of Panax ginseng upon inducible nitric oxide synthesis. Levels of nitric oxide in the human body and other immune system functions associated with nitric oxide were measured in a laboratory setting using specimens of human cells. There were two conditions in which the cells were measured: one with ginseng and one without it. It was found that when the cells were injected with ginseng, levels of nitric oxide and nitric oxide synthase, which are responsible for the production of nitric oxide, nitric oxide was significantly higher than in those cells without ginseng.

SAW PALMETTO Saw palmetto is an evergreen palm that grows along the Southeastern and Gulf coast of the United States of America. Saw palmetto has been used as a food source by Native Americans for centuries, and also used as a medicinal agent in urinary complications. Today, saw palmetto is used in men suffering from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). There have been several studies reporting the effects of saw palmetto in BPH, some as being at least as good as the common pharmaceutical drugs used to treat BPH. Saw palmetto has also been recommended for nocturnal enuresis and other urinary tract disorders. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is thought to be caused by an increase in the conversion of testosterone to 5-a dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the prostate. DHT stimulates the production of prostate cells. Excessive formation of DHT leads to overproduction and enlargement of the prostate (hyperplasia). Another factor is the presence of estrogen which inhibits the elimination of DHT. There are several reported mechanisms of action of saw palmetto for use in treating BPH. They include inhibition of DHT production, inhibition of the binding of DHT to its receptors and promoting its breakdown. Pretreatment of saw palmetto to patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia undergoing a transurethral resection of prostate operation seemed to have improved efficacy of the procedure itself and experienced a reduced risk of complications. Also, saw palmetto is reported to exert an antiestrogenic effect, as well as an antiandrogenic effect. Some investigators believe that its antiestrogenic effect may be more important than any of its other actions. Saw palmetto inhibits 5-a reductase, an enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of testosterone into DHT, having alpha-1 and alpha-2 adrenergic blocking capabilities. Various clinical studies have reported the positive benefits of using standardized saw palmetto extracts in the prevention of BPH, and saw palmetto has compared favorably with finasteride in several studies. Of interest is immune stimulating activity of polysaccharides found in the fruit of saw palmetto. In vitro, a 4:1w/v water extract of the fruit produced an increase in phagocytic activity by 36 percent. Also, in laboratory mice, the polysaccharide fraction of saw palmetto berry (10mg/kg) produced a much higher carbon clearance value than echinacea (Echinacea purpurea) or Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) and showed a higher value than any of nine other plant extracts. However, the standardized and alcohol extracted preparations of saw palmetto are not extracted with water, so would not contain these immune stimulating polysaccharides – use encapsulated raw berries.

HAWTHORN BERRIES Hawthorn is a spiny shrub native to the wooded temperate zones of Europe. Hawthorn is one of the oldest recorded traditional medicines, first reported by the Greek herbalist Dioscoridies. Roman physicians used hawthorn as a heart drug in the first century A.D. Hawthorn is currently used extensively by physicians in Europe in its standardized form for NYHA class II heart failure and various other cardiovascular and peripheral circulatory conditions, including angina, cardiac degeneration not yet requiring digitalis, and mild bradycardia. Hawthorn appears to exert a positive inotropic effect while increasing the cardiac refractory period. Extracts have been reported to have a protective effect against reperfusion arrhythmias in laboratory animals. Its combination of effects on the heart leads to its use as a cardiotonic, especially for the elderly where mitral stenosis and chronic heart failure may be present. Studies have reported a reduction in blood pressure due to arteriosclerosis and chronic nephritis with the use of hawthorn. It may also be used for peripheral vascular diseases where circulation is impaired, such as Raynaud’s disease. It has been reported that hawthorn may improve the functioning of the heart without affecting heart rate or blood pressure at rest, but its use does seemingly result in a decreased rise of these parameters with exercise. Lab studies have reported that proanthocyanidins may actually reverse atherosclerotic plaque. Hawthorn reportedly has the ability to increase intracellular vitamin C and has a protective effect on oxidative processes. Hawthorn extract demonstrated direct effects on the cardiovascular system. Administration of hawthorn extract has been shown to decrease blood pressure and total peripheral resistance, economize myocardial function and decrease cardiac preload in healthy subjects. More specifically, hawthorn extract (WS 1442) has shown an inotropic effect on myocardial tissue isolated from patients with terminal left-ventricular heart failure (CHF). The inotropic effects of hawthorn may be caused by inhibition of 3′,5′-cyclic adenosine monophosphate diesterase, rather than beta-sympathomimetic activity.

EPIMEDIUM Epimedium is traditionally used to increase fertility. One controlled trial suggests that Epimedium might improve sexual performance and quality of life in patients with renal failure on chronic hemodialysis. Liao et al. conducted a controlled trial in order to determine the therapeutic effect of Epimedium in patients of hemodialysis maintenance due to chronic renal failure. Thirty-four subjects were included, 22 were treated with Epimedium in the form of decoction and 12 served as controls. Improvement was noted in sexual function and quality of life. Interleukin 2 activity of peripheral blood monocytes stimulated by PHA also increased significantly.

TRIBULUS Tribulus terrestris has a long history of use for a variety of conditions. It has been suggested that it was used in ancient Greece and India as a physical rejuvenation tonic. In China, it is used as a component of therapy for conditions affecting the liver, kidney, cardiovascular system and immune systems. It has also been used in Eastern European folk medicine for increased muscle strength and sexual potency. Combination products containing tribulus have been shown to modify blood hormone levels. A tribulus-containing supplement mixture resulted in significantly increased serum levels of androstenedione, free testosterone, estradiol and DHT. Tribulus terrestris has been studied as a non-steroidal alternative to treatment of infertility. Although the results of the few studies done with the combination product are promising, more studies are needed in order to further evaluate its clinical effectiveness. Preliminary research with tribulus also suggest that it may be useful in treating of coronary heart disease The relaxant responses in precontracted tissues from Tribulus terrestris treated groups showed an increase in relaxation compared to that of the tissues from control group. The contractile, anti-erectile response of corpus cavernosal tissue to noradrenaline and histamine showed no significant change between the treatment and the control groups. Steroid saponins extracted from Tribulus terrestris stimulated sperm production and improved sperm viability in rats.

NIACIN (VITAMIN B3) Health benefits of Niacin (Vitamin B3) include maintaining good blood circulation, healthy robust skin condition, and normal functioning of brain, boosting memory power, aiding the digestive tract to absorb sufficient carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, relaxing effect on arthritis condition and also reducing schizophrenia state. The most important benefits of vitamin B3 is lowering high cholesterol levels and controlling it. Vitamin B3 is necessary for the manufacture of the hormones cortisone, thyroxine, insulin, and the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. It increases the production of prostaglandins, which are hormone-like chemicals that tissues produce to help control such physiologic processes as blood clotting and inflammation. Vitamin B3 is the basis behind Viagra, it helps release of histamine (organic nitrogen compound) all over the body. Its key role is to dilate blood vessels especially in genital area, so that more blood can pass through at a given time. It also has the ability to increase sensation all over the body, thus increasing overall physical experience. Vitamin B3 plays a key role in over 100 functions necessary for health and is especially important for energy production and, as a vasodilator, for blood circulation. It’s also needed for red blood cell formation, the health of skin and the digestive tract, healthy nervous system functioning and brain activity, and for the synthesis of the sex hormones estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone. Niacin is important for the manufacture of the sex and adrenal hormones; shortly after ingestion, niacin can produce sensations of intense warmth accompanied by a tingly itch throughout the body lasting up to 20 minutes. It may also produce a reddish cast to the skin called the “Niacin Flush.” This red, itching warmth caused by niacin use is well known and is harmless. The flush is healthy and indicates that niacin is helping improve blood flow and circulation. Reaction from the Niacin Flush actually mimics an individual’s natural sexual response. This natural sex flush is caused by a large histamine release; in fact, a niacin flush is caused by the same histamine release as the natural sex flush, with one important difference: because niacin instigates a larger-than-normal histamine release, the results of using niacin are often more stronger. Another benefit of niacin supplementation is that its associated flush is often accompanied by increased mucus secretion in the mouth and sexual organs, which can further enrich the sexual experience. While the large organs of the body all have blood supplied from large arteries, a great deal of the human body, particularly the parts near the skin, get their only supply of blood from small capillaries. Niacin causes these small capillaries to expand, allowing them the ability to possibly carry 2 or 3 blood cells at the same time. This is a tremendous increase in blood flow. When ingesting niacin for sexual enhancement, men experience heightened sensations and sensitivities throughout the entire body – not just in the genital area. Overall skin-to-skin contact during such a flush can be extraordinary. Niacin may also be helpful for individuals experiencing difficulty achieving orgasm. The ability to experience an orgasm is related to adequate histamine release, which is an essential factor in the male orgasmic experience.

PYRIDOXINE HYDROCHLORIDE (VITAMIN B6) Pyridoxine Hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) is one of the key ingredients and is the master vitamin in processing of amino acids. It facilitates rapid absorption, nerve impulse transmission and formation of neurotransmitters that effect mental process and elevates mood levels. This aids in firmer erections and healthier sexual life. Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) is an essential vitamin to aid in the formation of healthy red blood cells and supports more vital bodily functions than any other vitamins. Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble, it is needed to release energy from the food we eat. Since it cannot be stored in the body, it must be obtained daily from either food or supplements. Vitamin B6 is a coenzyme for enzymes involved in amino acid metabolism. Deamination, transamination, and decarboxylation of amino acids are required for synthesis, oxidation, and degradation of critical amino acid derived molecules that participate in hematological, neurological, humoral, and inflammatory processes. Activities sensitive to vitamin B6 status include neurotransmitter function, conversion of tryptophan to niacin, immunoglobulin synthesis, and hormone production. Together with zinc, Vitamin B6 is essential for the formation of male sex hormones. A deficiency causes infertility. Vitamin B6 is required for the production of serotonin, a brain neurotransmitter that controls mood, appetite, sleep patterns, and sensitivity to pain. Women in particular may suffer from pre-menstrual fluid retention, severe period pains, emotional PMS symptoms, premenstrual acne and nausea in early pregnancy. Mood swings, depression as well as loss of sexual drive is sometimes noted when vitamin B6 is in short supply and the person is on hormone replacement therapy or on birth control pills.

ZINC Zinc plays an important role in men’s health. More than 70% of men do not obtain the minimum daily requirement of zinc from their diets. Zinc is necessary for all aspects of male reproduction, zinc is important for the cell division and the production of healthy sperm. It is the most critical trace mineral for male sexual function. It is needed for testosterone metabolism, testicle growth, sperm production, motility, count, reducing excess estrogen in male reproductive tissue. Every time a man ejaculates he loses about 5 mg of zinc. Alcohol depletes zinc in the body. Folic acid, tea, coffee, high fiber intake, and iron may inhibit absorption. Vitamin B6 and C may aid absorption.

Recommended daily:1 tablets, 2 times a day during meals.

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