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Bulgarian Tribulus Max Liquid Tribulus 100 ml

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Tribulus Max Liquid Tribulus 100 ml

What is Tribulus Max?

Tribulus Max is a water-alcohol extract of the herb Tribulus Terrestris. The product was developed by a special technology of Bulgarian high-quality raw material Tribulus which is globally recognized for its unique phytochemical composition.

Successfully combining extract technology and professionalism, our team has developed Tribulus Max by using this famous dry herb and transforming it in to a liquid in a 100 ml bottle! for maximum absorption! 200 mg of the Bulgarian Tribulus dry herb pakced in to every 1ml liquid! Now you can see how potent Tribulus max is!

You may have heard of generic Bulgarian Tribulus products which have flooded the market over recent years but with Tribulus Max you can rely on a reputable brand with pure natural ingedients.  The original and the best selling natural testosterone booster. Tribulus Max contains at least 89% of standardized saponins (from the shoot of the plant).  The true superiority of the effectiveness of Tribulus Max is expressed biologically where are present Protodioscin, Protogracillin (the key active ingredients) and other key saponins in critically important ratios offering dramatic results!

How does it work?

MAX Tribulus stimulates the production of two gonadotropins, luteinizing (LH) and follicle stimulating (FSH). Luteinising hormone is directly responsible for the production of testosterone, as its rising levels within the physiological range. Effective for the sperm count as the follicle-stimulating hormone regulates the maturation of sperm in testisticles and Tribulus Max is used worldwide for some forms of infertility.

On the other hand, higher levels of testosterone meanings:

Greater durability.
Easier muscle mass.
Less fat.
Greater confidence in their daily lives.
Unfortunately, after a certain age, for each individual organism (but most often starts after ’30) testosterone begins to decline gradually.

This leads to a number of adverse effects such as:

Reduced potency
Prostate problems
Tribulus Max is one of the ways they can be overcome!

Tribulus Max is used by athletes to:

Increase muscle mass
Increase strength and endurance
Tribulus Max can be a 100% natural alternative to anabolic steroids.
This occurs thanks to the natural influence of Tribulus Max on testosterone levels. Increased testosterone level certainly leads to an increase of sports results.

Remember Tribulus Max is used by many city workers with hectic lifestyles! Forget everything you thought you knew about regular energy drinks! Tribulus Max supports testosterone and will give you a natural boost of energy / concentration / focus throughout the day. Just a few capfulls a day will keep you on your feet!

Tribulus Max For Women

Extract Tribulus Max healing act not only men but also women.
Since ancient herb is widely used in various aspects of women’s ailments.

Has the unique ability to regulate hormones.
Helps relieve menstrual pain.
Increases the level of estrogen.
Tribulus Max can be used and in some forms of infertility.
Naturally regulate fat metabolism, thereby prevents the storage of excess fat. This is invaluable in the fight against excess weight.



Bodybuilder Dosage

Tribulus Max is to be taken three times daily. A plastic spoon is provided so take 3 x 2.5ml spoonfuls. Do not exceed 5 spoonfuls per day 12 hours.  A higher dosage can be taken for heavy weightlifters.
The duration of the cycle can be from 3 months which is recommended with a break of 2 weeks.

Testosterone maintenance eg. for busy individual with busy city lifestyle

1 – 2 capfulls three times a day


100 ml.

100% Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris liquid (water and alcohol at around 20%)

Solids in 1ml. – 200mg. (20%).


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