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Bulgarian Tribulus Max 120 capsules

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Tribulus Max 120 capsules

What is Tribulus Max :

100% natural extract of Tribulus Terrestris herb. Tribulus Max is an extremely powerful extract

with a strong effect on testosterone levels.

What are the benefits of Tribulus Max :

  • Increases testosterone levels into the physiological range
  • Improves your strength and endurance in a natural way
  • Helps to gain muscle mass faster and naturally, accelerates fat burning
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Helps to lower the level of cholesterol in your blood
  • Prostate problems
  • Reduces Erectile dysfunction
  • Suitable for professional athletes in order to recover faster
  • Suitable for combination with other nutritional supplements and extracts

How does Tribulus Max work?

Tribulus Max contains active steroidal saponins such as protodioscin , dioscin and diosgenin.

Protodioscin stimulates luteinizing (LH)hormone, which is responsible for the production of

testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

Saponins from Tribulus Max appear to increase Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH)

Tribulus Max is used by athletes to:

  • Promoting lean muscle mass
  • Increase strength and endurance
  • Boosting testosterone levels

Tribulus Max For Women:

  • Reduces menopause problems
  • Regulates hormones
  • Increases the level of estrogen

What is the recommended daily intake of Tribulus Max?

2 times a day 2 capsules after meals morning and evening.

Tribulus Max  It is stored in a dry and cool warehouse. 


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