The King Advanced Natural Supplement Complex 120 capsules


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The King Advanced Natural Supplement Complex 120 capsules

THE KING is the most powerful product on the market, which increases the levels of MALE HORMONES BY as much as 315%! Its complex formula, composed of 25 top ingredients, makes it a leader in the ranking of similar products from the same group. THE KING will drastically increase the levels of male hormones, will increase your strength and capabilities for intimate experiences, will improve power and endurance. It will give you much more than you dreamed of. THE KING is created only for strong men, for men who are not afraid of long night marathons. THE KING is the best “spicy” gift for your girlfriend, promising her countless moments filled with a lot of energy and long-lasting action.

  • prolongs endurance, power and energy in intimate play
  • raises the “plane” very high
  • works quickly and successfully
  • without serifs
  • consistent and proven results
  • enhances male fertility and maximizes the physical response
  • drastically increases the natural levels of male hormones in the body by as much as 315%
  • increases desire and firmness during intimate play
  • supports the activity of the reproductive system
  • helps to improve hormonal dysfunction
  • assists in rapid recovery after each act
  • increases “male dignity”
  • THE KING is certified by the Food and Drug Administration, the administrative service of the US Department of Health and Human Services – FDA CERTIFICATE!


Horny Goat Extract (Epimedium Sagittatum) (Aerial Plant) (Providing 10 mg of Icariins) – Epimedium or Scattered Goat is a perennial plant that helps increase “male dignity” by increasing blood flow to the genital area. This effect is responsible for the compound icariin, which increases the concentration of nitric oxide in the body, dilates blood vessels, thus, more blood reaches the intimate parts, improving their functions. In addition to improving hormonal dysfunction, epimedium stimulates the body’s natural hormone levels, increases the density and size of muscle tissue.

Black Maca Extract (Lepidium Meyenii) (Root) (40: 1 Extr.) – Organically grown extract of Black Maca root from Peru in a concentration of 40: 1. Black Maca or the so-called Peruvian ginseng is a wonderful aphrodisiac. It increases the natural levels of male hormones and reproductive functions in the body.

Longjack Root Extract (Eurycoma Longifolia Root Powder) (100: 1 Indonesian Extract) – Malaysian ginseng is a flowering plant of the Simaroubaceae family. For centuries, the plant has been used in traditional medicine in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam as an aphrodisiac. Alternative medicine says that Eurucoma increases the natural levels of male hormones, promotes muscle strength and copes with a number of conditions such as hormonal dysfunction, decreased desire for intimacy, fatigue and stress.

Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris Extract (45% Protodioscin, 90% Saponinas) – Hardly anyone knows the action of Bulgarian Tribulus Terrestris . Bulgarian Tribulus is the best quality product in the world. Its indispensable properties are associated with increased protein synthesis in cells, accelerating nitrogen retention and stimulating muscle growth. Bulgarian Tribulus accelerates the internal (endogenous) production of male hormones and significantly reduces estrogen and cortisol levels. It supports processes that increase the desire for intimacy and successfully improve the problems associated with hormonal dysfunction.

High Leuzeae Carthamoides Extract (95% – Beta Ecdysterone) – The most powerful extract of Levzea. It has a powerful anabolic and powerful androgenic effect on the body. Helps hypertrophy and maintain lean muscle mass by increasing natural levels of male hormones. Increases endurance and strength during exercise. Calms the nervous system, strengthens capillaries, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and improves their elasticity, neutralizes free radicals.

Fenugreek Extract (Trigonella Foenum – Graecum 50% Fenusides Std. Extract) – Fenugreek, also known as barley, is an annual plant of the legume family. Its seeds were used as a spice and medicinal plant by the Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Egyptian warriors used it as a drink before battle. It is used as a medicinal plant that increases the natural levels of male hormones, dealing with reproductive problems in men.

Saw Palmetto Berry Powder – Extract from the fruit of the palm “Serenoa repens”. Saw Palmetto is a product rich in fatty acids and phytosterols and has been shown to have a beneficial effect on benign prostatic hypertrophy (enlargement of the prostate in men with age). It promotes a healthier prostate gland, better health and a stronger reproductive system.

Muira Puama bark powder 4: 1 (Ptychopetalum olacoides) (root) – Spanish conquistadors call the miraculous herb “Potency Tree”. Legend has it that in addition to fertility and intimate power, local shamans gave it before the battle to the Indian warriors, known for their high fighting spirit. And this is no accident – the herb turns out to be a powerful stimulant of the nervous system during extreme physical exertion and stress. The unusual combination of amino acids and proteins in the plant has a striking stimulating effect on the desire for intimacy, strength and endurance. Unlike most aphrodisiacs, it acts as a stimulant for both men and women. Muira Puama is a 100% natural product. The perfect laboratory of Nature has combined and balanced in it substances that our body does not accept as medicine, but as a source of life.

Panax Ginseng Root Powder (Siberian Ginseng) – Siberian ginseng has been used for more than 2000 years. It gets the Greek name “Panax”, which eloquently means “Heals everything”. Marco Polo also writes about this healing miracle. This irreplaceable root is one of the most powerful plant adaptogens known. Improves our physical activity, increasing the transport of oxygen to the muscles and facilitates faster recovery of the body after exercise.

Polypodium Vulgare Powder (Roots Rhizome) – Polypodium vulgare is a species of perennial evergreen fern plant that grows abundantly in shady areas, forests and rocks. The roots of this fern are very sweet and pleasant to the taste. Hence the species name “sweet”. Sweet fern contains saponins and phytoecdysteroids, which increase strength, endurance and increase the natural levels of male hormones in the body. Sweet fern is a well-known aphrodisiac.

Pine bark powder Masson – French pine bark extract has unique properties that favor our health. Its use dates back to the 1500s, when French explorer Jacques Cartier and his sailors battled scurvy, a clear vitamin C deficiency, during their long voyages from France to the New World. Today we know that pine bark is a good source of vitamin C (the remedy for scurvy), as well as many phytochemicals and natural plant compounds that maintain better health. But that’s not all. Boron bark extract has a significant effect on the levels of nitric oxide (NO) in the body, which are responsible for vasodilation and improve blood flow. A recent study found that the combination of pine bark extract and arginine (an amino acid that also increases NO production) is effective in improving mild to moderate hormonal dysfunction. If you are struggling with a low desire for intimacy or hormonal dysfunction, or suffer from high blood pressure, raising NO levels in the body is an effective strategy to help restore these conditions. Pycnogenol – the patented formula of pine bark extract – is able to prevent and minimize oxidative damage by free radicals and reduce stress.

Mucuna Pruriens Extract (Std. For 98% L-Dopa) – Mucuna Pruriens is a tropical legume native to India, the Caribbean and Africa. Mucuna Pruriens is known by many different names – velvet grain, Bengal velvet bean, Florida velvet bean, velvet bean from Mauritius, velvet bean Yokohama, etc. The seeds of Mucuna pruriens have been used to treat hormonal dysfunction. Mucuna prurien seeds are recognized for their ability to significantly alleviate the effects of Parkinson’s disease due to their high L-dopa content.

Ashwagandha Root Extract – Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is an herb that originates from the lands of the Indian subcontinent. It is traditionally called Indian ginseng or winter cherry. The name of the herb means “horse scent” and is associated with its atypical odor, as well as its traditional use to gain “horse power”. Ashwagandha will help the weakly active middle-aged man to increase his absolute strength, endurance, as well as help him to recover faster after physical work. She easily copes with overcoming the mental fatigue accumulated by everyday problems. The plant has a thousand-year history of use as an adaptogen, improving resistance to a wide range of adverse factors (stress, stress, bad weather, viruses and bacteria, heavy metals and toxins, etc.).

Cordyceps Extract (Mycelium 4: 1) – Cordyceps (Cordyceps), also called crab leg, crab leg, is a genus of marsupial fungi, the most famous of which is the caterpillar-vegetable. The genus is distributed throughout the world and has more than 300 known species – most of them are described in Asia (a significant number in Japan, Korea and Thailand). Cordyceps contributes to the improvement of hormonal dysfunction in men. Numerous studies show that men with a low desire for intimacy and low energy have great improvements after taking cordyceps. It helps reduce fatigue and increase endurance, both physically and psycho-emotionally. It has a strong tonic effect on physical and mental fatigue. It is recommended for people who work in shifts, engage in heavy physical or mental work and are in a period of strong emotional stress.

Black Pepper Extract (95% Piperine) – Black pepper extract stimulates the sensory endpoints in the gastrointestinal tract, thus increasing the secretion of gastric juice and this improves digestion. It enhances the process of thermogenesis and improves the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals such as selenium, B vitamins and beta-carotene. There are established actions of an aphrodisiac.

L-Arginine – Arginine is an amino acid that provides a stable energy flow, more endurance and greater physical performance. It increases the production of nitric oxide, increases the desire for intimacy, strengthens blood vessels, gives strength and energy and lowers levels of “bad” cholesterol.

The multivitamin and mineral spectrum in THE KING is compiled in the best possible way, ensuring maximum productivity of all processes in the body! It increases endurance and cellular productivity in the body helps to better absorb structural substances and maintains your immune system at a higher physiological level of adaptation.

Harrow, included in THE KING, is a biologically active mineral that has a beneficial effect on the absorption of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. It helps to increase the body’s natural hormone levels and maintains good bone density levels.

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