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Testo Herb 120 tablets

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Testo Herb 120 tablets

Fenugreek is characterized as a rich source of Vitamin C, proteins, antiinflamatory compounds (like selene), minerals, fibres, steroid saponines and alkaloids. Thanks to these characteristics its everyday use can permanently improve your health.

Testo Herb tables is manufactured using a special cold pressing technology using fenugreek seeds. This method preserves the effectiveness of all nutrients from the raw herb into the ready product. Its main effect is that it benefits the process of regulation and normalization of men hormones in the body. The liquid extract benefits achieving a healthy balance in hormonal levels and thus contributes the body’s overall health.

Why is the hormonal balance important for the proper function of the body?

The hormonal balance is the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy body. When the levels of man hormones are normal then the body is in equilibrium and all processes proceed efficiently. In this way you can achieve a beautiful and healthy body. This brings with it good mood and personal self-esteem. They are precondition for the high spirit, healthy nervous system and self-esteem. This leads to a permanent improvement in health and is the cornerstone of a healthy lifestyle.

Main benefits from Testo Herb intake:

  • Increases insulin secretion. This lowers blood sugar levels. And this makes it suitable for people in prediabetic and diabetic conditions.
  • Stimulated the effect of hormones in the body. Thus it acts as a natural aphrodisiac for libido increase in both sexes.
  • Facilitates food processing and has a beneficial effect in stomach irritations and digestive tract disorders.
  • Improves body metabolism and releases the liver from a state of halt.
  • Has an antiseptic effect, which relieves the body in bronchitis and respiratory tract disorders.
  • Benefits the decrease in blood pressure.

What are the effects of Testo Herb in men?

Testo Herb extract increases the natural levels of testosterone. This significantly increases energy, libido and endurance. Testo Herb is suitable for the improvement of reproduction functions in men. This makes it an irreplaceable aid for people not only of age but for people under constant stress or active athletes.

Benefits of Testo Herb in sports:

In active sports the process of nutrients transportation to the muscles it is very important. Insulin is the main hormone that is responsible for the conduction of this process. Testo Herb increases insulin levels in the body in a natural way thus accelerating transportation of nutrients to the muscles. In addition to that it aids in creatine absorption to such an extent otherwise achievable by taking a huge quantity of carbohydrates. Testo Herb tablets allows the muscle tissue to absorb the creatine completely, without unnecessary carbohydrates intake. This is a perfect option for people on a low-calorie carbohydrate diet, who aim to gain muscle mass without any fat.


Twice a day after eating.

Consumption period after opening: 2 months

  • The product is not a prescription medication, but a food supplement.
  • In case any side effects appear please cease intake immediately.
  • If you suffer from chronic illnesses please consult your physician prior use.
  • Attention: not suitable for people taking medication decreasing blood sugar levels of slowing blood congestion, as fenugreek has the same properties and that can lead to unwanted side effects.

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