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Stearon Herba Medica 100 tablets

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Stearon Herba Medica 100 tablets

The specific location of Bulgaria and climatic conditions create a habitat of many plant species and Bulgarian nature is the source of one of the richest assortment of herbs. Despite the many herbs that are used in traditional and modern medicine, one that is associated with our country is Tribulus terrestris. Tribulus is known for its many beneficial properties attributed to it by traditional medicine. In recent decades, is one of the few herbs that stand in the elite of food additives and is among the most popular products in the sports supplementation.

Strong Long Last Hard Erection Larger and Delays

Herba Medica Stearon product being made of 100% natural extracts, does not have the RX symbol and therefore does not require the prescription from a licensed practitioner.

The active ingredients of Herba Medica Stearon have the following properties:

– Against viruses, acts primarily on herpes and influenza viruses;

– Levels Normalization of blood cholesterol;

– Inflammation, like corticosteroids;

– Against tumors;

– Improvement of sexual function in men and women;

– Preparations effect

Dosage: Daily 3-6 Capsules 30 minutes after meal.

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