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Spark Royal 10 capsule

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Spark Royal 10 capsule  

Spark Royal Capsule is a proprietary Ayuvedic medicine manufactured by Vasu Healthcare pharmaceuticals, Vadodara, Gujarat. Spark Royal capsule rejuvenates male sexual health.

Spark royal strengthens and tones the sexual glands. Support the healthy production of sex hormones and very good for increasing sexual debility. It also increases stamina and libido and acts as a restorative nutrient.

Uses of Spark Royal Capsule:
Non-hormonal and safe sex stimulant.
Acts on hypothalamus and limbic systems to improve libido.
Improves and helps to maintain erection.
Anti-stress, adaptogenic action helps to alleviate anxiety associated with sexual performance.

Ingredients & composition of Spark Royal Capsule:
Kapikacchu (Mucuna puriens)- 300 mg-

  1. Aphrodisiac.
  2. Increases stamina and libido.
  3. Supports healthy production of sex hormones.
  4. Increases blood circulation to genitals.
  5. Decreases symptom of stress and anxiety.

Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)- 300 mg-

  1. Restores sexual drive, increase endurance and improve overall vitality.
  2. Maintains body equilibrium by relaxing and energizing.
  3. Heightens sexual experience.
  4. Potent aphrodisiac.

Gokshura (Tribulus terrestris)- 300 mg-

  1. Sex and mood enhancer, stimulate the production of luteinizing hormone [LH].
  2. Has tremendous positive impact on strength and stamina.
  3. Increases sperm count.

Bala (Sida cordifolia)- 300 mg- Helps to balance male hormones, testosterone and increase sexual desire. Gives stamina. Enhances quality and quantity of reproductive fluids (shukra dhathu) for conception of healthy offsprings. A good rasayana- tonic.
Vidarikanda (Ipomea digitata)- 270 mg- Good for increasing sexual ability. Alterative, aphrodisiac, tonic, stimulant and used to treat male infertility.
Uttingana (Blepharis persica)- 210 mg- Seeds are considered aphrodisiac and diuretic.
Salab misri (Orchis mascula)- 200 mg Tuberns contain a bitter principle and a volatile oil and used as farinaceous food, nervine tonic, aphrodisiac.
Shalmali (Bombax malabaricum)- 200 mg- It is rasayana, aphrodisiac.
Ikshuraka (Hygrophilia spinosa)- 190 mg- Aphrodisiac.
Jati phala (Myristica fragrans)- 120 mg- Aphrodisiac, stimulates the central nervous system. Tranquilizer, helps to avert premature ejaculation.
Latha kasturi (Hibiscus abelmoschus)- 100 mg- Aphrodisiac and tonic. Stimulates uro-genital organs.
Trikatu (Embelica officinale, Piper nigrum, Piper longum)- 50 mg- Acts as bio-availability enhancer.
Shwetha musali (Chlorophytum tuberosum)- 80 mg- Aphrodisiac. Has spermatogenic property.
Kesar (Crocus sativus) – Aphrodisiac, nervine sedative.
Almond (Prunus amygdalus)- 80 mg – Demulscent, Has high nutrition value.
Brahmi (Centella asiatica)- 1.00%.
Excipient -1 mg.

Formulation is processed in beetle leaves. This makes the preparation having high bio-availability. This increases aphrodisiac property of is also suggested in ancient Ayurvedic books that thamboola sevana should be before and after sexual intercourse.

Indications of Spark Royal Capsule:
Erectile dysfunction/impotence.
Less output of semen.
Poor ejaculation control.
Short lasting erection.
Premature ejaculation.
Painful intercourse.
Loss of sexual desire.

Side effects: 
There are no side effects.
Very rarely it can cause increased hotness / burning sensation.

Dosage of Spark Royal Capsule:
1-2 capsules 30 minutes before bed time or sexual intercourse with warm milk. Or as directed by the physician.
Blister pack of 1*10 capsule.

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