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Rhodiola Rosea VemoHerb 90 capsules

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Rhodiola Rosea VemoHerb 90 capsules

Relieves stress and helps the body adapt more easily


The body’s abilities and endurance during sport

The normal central nervous system function

The positive mood

A dietary supplement based on dry extract from roots of Rhodiola rosea.

A perfect natural tonic for the muscular and nervous systems *

How and Why It Works?

Benefits Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea (Golden root) is an adaptogenic herb. Adaptogens including Rhodiola are a group of plants that can help your body in adapting to physical and environmental stressors.* Rhodiola is one of the most effective in this family, due to the fact that it contains active compounds (e.g. Rosavin) that have the ability to help the natural balance of cortisol.*

Its ingredients Rosavin and Salidroside help the body’s abilities and endurance during sport and in cases of physical and mental overwork.VemoHerb® Rhodiola Rosea supports the body rid itself of toxins.

VemoHerb® Rhodiola Rosea increases energy during daily trainings and positively influences the endurance, reflexes and physical condition of athletes, and it also facilitates the process of adaptation to the external environment and lifestyle. It helps restore the mental abilities of the individual in cases of mental overwork and stress.

It influences positively the recovery due to exhaustion from exercise and increases the body’s stability. Supports the positive mood.

Rhodiola appears to be able to help the organism reduce the effects of prolonged and minor physical exhaustion (from long-lasting but low-intensity physical exercise) that result in fatigue. The supplement can also help you improve your parameters of physical exercise. VemoHerb® Rhodiola Rosea can also be used as help in reducing feelings of non-exercise related exhaustion, promoting general well-being due to its adaptogen properties.

Active substances in one capsule

Bioactivesubstanes Rhodiola Rosea

350,0 mg dry extract from the roots of Rhodiola rosea standardized at min. 3% rosavin and min. 1% salidroside.

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