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Rhaponticum Tribulus Fit & Shape 120 capsules

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Rhaponticum Tribulus Fit & Shape 120 capsules

Rhaponticum Tribulus on Fit & Shape – a unique and proven product that will enhance your sporting results. Contains 100% Bulgarian tributus in combination with ecdysterone. It increases levels of free testosterone and helps build muscle mass. Increases libido.

PURPOSE: More Sexual Power, More Energy and Endurance During Physical Activities. It restores tired muscles and lowers levels of cortisol under stress. It strengthens protein synthesis and builds up pure muscle mass.

INGREDIENTS: Bulgarian Tribulus, 95% ecdysterol, hard gelatin capsule.

Directions: On a training day, one dose is given before exercise.

On a non-training day, 1 dose is taken – in the morning before breakfast or in the evening before bedtime.

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