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Rage Bulgarian Tribulus 100 capsules

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Rage Bulgarian Tribulus 100 capsules

RAGE is an unsurpassed and indispensable quality combined product. Its incredible formula is precisely structured to increase the quality of energy in the working muscle, to increase testosterone production in the body as well as protein synthesis, which is a basic indicator of muscle mass accumulation. RAGE increases specific strengths (maximum strength, explosive force, strength) and speeds up recovery processes in the body. The key ingredients that make up RAGE are: Tribulus Terrestris dry extract of 90% and 45% protodioscin furostanol saponins and Leuzeae carthamoides (95% beta-ecdysterone) extract.
• the most powerful formula with the purest substances to increase muscle mass, strength and energy
• has powerful anabolic and potent androgenic action on the body
• increases protein synthesis in cells, accelerates nitrogen retention, stimulates muscle growth
• increases stamina and prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in muscle tissue
• Helps synthesize muscle and liver glycogen and protects muscle tissue from degradation

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