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Eroterra Terrapia 30 capsules

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Eroterra Terrapia 30 capsules

Eroterra 30 Capsules of Terrapia is a complex bioactive formula that helps to strengthen libido and acts to strengthen the health of the sexual system and self-esteem. The product has a stimulating effect on the reproductive system by taking care of a healthy hormonal balance. It increases libido and is a powerful aphrodisiac for men and women. It stimulates the nervous system, helps to increase energy and reduce lethargy. It regulates the release of stress hormones, improves mood and self-esteem. It is also beneficial to the heart, helps with palpitation with anxiety and nervousness and improves blood circulation. Available in a pack of 30 capsules of 438 mg.

The eroter is suitable for indications such as:

  • reduced libido in males and females;
  • emotional and physical stress, including anxiety and insomnia;
  • exhaustion, rapid fatigue, mental and muscular weakness;
  • sexual weakness and problems of male potency.

Active Ingredients in one capsule: 225 mg combined extract of: Damiana – 150 mg, Yellow Cantarion – 50 mg, Passionflower – 25 mg; 50 mg of Ginger extract; 50 mg of Ginseng extract.

Recommended daily intake: 1 – 2 capsules per day

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