Ecdysterone VemoHerb 90 capsules

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Ecdysterone VemoHerb 90 capsules

95% pure Beta-ecdysterone extracted from the plant

  • Leuzeae carthamoides Stimulates the protein synthesis
  • Promotes fast gains of muscle mass and strength
  • Influences positively the endurance, reflexes and physical condition of athletes
  • It can be used as anabolic stimulant, adaptogen and biostimulant
  • Increases protein synthesis, muscle growth, strength, endurance
  • Non-hormonal, completely natural and safe

How and Why it WORKS?

The properties of VemoHerb Ecdysterone are due to the purified active ingredient, 95% beta ecdysterone, which is isolated from the plant Leuzeae carthamoides. They are based on the anabolic, adaptive properties of the ecdysones and the lack of any toxic effects during prolonged usage.

The phytoecdysteroids stimulate protein synthesis and in dosages of 5-10 mg per kg bodyweight they are referred to as protein stimulants, promoting fast gains of muscle mass and strength. As polyhydroxysterols, they affect the metabolism of carbohydrates and nucleic acids, help glycogen synthesis and increase the content of high energy phosphate compounds. This promotes the growth of the skeleton muscles, influences positively the endurance, the reflexes and the physical condition of the athletes.

A number of studies show the anabolic activity of beta ecdysterone as well as its harmlessness and safety for usage during intense trainings or physical overwork. The beta ecdysterone influences positively the functional disorders of the central nervous system, which verges to psycho-stimulating effect on the organism. In the professional sports it is used to achieve physical and psychical stability, without any side effects on the cardio-vascular and the immune systems.

Recommended for:

  • hard training and psychical overwork of athletes and sporting people,
  • removing the symptoms of neurosis due to exhaustion,
  • increasing the stability of the body against overworks in cases of fast tiring.
  • recovering after traumas or diseases.

Recommended dosage: 2 – 4 capsules daily

One capsule contains: 245,0 mg beta ecdysterone, extracted from the plant Leuzeae carthamoides

Weight 0.110 kg

1 review for Ecdysterone VemoHerb 90 capsules

  1. vvasilev (store manager)

    Very strong.

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